Updated April 2016

A custom mask for a fan of Nightwing.

A 'Big Ear' mask for a photographer.

Here's one of the photos
from the shoot.

A demon's skull, with runes. I created the raised effect of the runes with liquid latex and a bottle with a thin tip.

Fire Spirit, a combination of my Butterfly mask
and my Fire mask.

A Tree Crown, done for a body art
competition in New Zealand.

A helmet made for one of the Faceless Ones. This design was based on artwork from the Abyssal Realms online game. This was a fun piece, and it's inspired some new creations - check my Facebook page for more details.

A Vampyre mask, with fangs.

I enjoy custom work - it takes me places I would never have considered before. The tree crown, the Abyssal Helmet, and the vampyre mask have inspired me to create other, even weirder things.

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