Updated April 2016

I enjoy custom work - it takes me places I would never have considered before. The tree crown, the Abyssal Helmet, and the vampyre mask have inspired me to create other, even weirder things.

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Brujah: This mask has metal rivets around the outside, and silver chain attaching the nose to the cheek. The clan mark is on the left.
Lasombra: This mask has tooled shadows curling around the mask, and a crown embossed on the upper left. The mask is purple, shading to black.
Malkavian: This mask is made to look like a broken mirror, with a silvered surface and cracks running through it. The mirror is embossed leather, painted silver.

Tremere: This mask is inspired by an ancient medieval illustration. The surface is carved with alchemist's symbols, and inscribed with Latin phrases. 'Aurum est potentia' and 'cogito est doleo' are two examples. The lens is painted blue, with a square opening. The square and triangle incorporates the Tremere symbol.

Toreador: To create accurate clan marks, I cut a little template out of paper. This made it easier to keep the sizes consistent on the clan marks, and it gave me a guide for the leather tooling. The internal shapes of the clan markings were all done by hand, as well as the tooling on the masks themselves.

Tzimisce: I integrated organic details into this piece, and tried to keep the feel of the clan in the design. Clan Tzimisce members have long elongated bodies, prominent bony structures on face and body, and tend to be pale in color. I painted it a bruised purplish-brown, fading to light beige. The clan mark is accentuated in dark brown.

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