Updated April 2016

I enjoy custom work - it takes me places I would never have considered before. The tree crown, the Abyssal Helmet, and the vampyre mask have inspired me to create other, even weirder things.

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Dia de los Muertos
Painted for a custom order
maggot mask
maggot mask side

Maggot Mask: The customer wanted a mask like the Maggot Mask from Slipknot, except with a bullet hole on the side of the head.

Mick Thompson's mask
The customer wanted a custom mask like Mick Thompson's from Slipknot, with blood splatters.

Twisty The Clown's mouthpiece
A custom order for his mouthpiece he wears in American Horror Story.

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All designs copyright Jennifer Harrison 2016. Not to be duplicated without permission of the artist.