Royal Anubis
Leather and acrylic paint. $100 (plus s&h)

Updated April 2016


black anumbisroyal anubis


Leather and acrylic paint,
with fabric fur mane, plastic clay horn and metal rivets.
$120 (plus s&h)

Fort Worth, Texas
All Texas residents pay 8.25% sales tax.

All designs copyright Jennifer Harrison 2016. Not to be duplicated without permission of the artist.

green man


Black Anubis
Leather and acrylic paint.$80 (plus s&h)

Traditional Green Man
Leather and acrylic paint
Can be made to order.












Flying Spaghetti Monster
One of a kind mask, sold in 2014.

Steampunk Plague Doctor
This is a full-face mask. Eyeholes are covered with lenses and 5x loupe is on right eye. Mask is fitted together with brass rivets.
$250 (plus s&h)